About us


The language café is a new kind of theme café where languages and the meeting between people are the main things. What started as just a dream for Tonia Tell-Cerexhe, the former owner of the café, became reality when the language café opened its doors in February 2004 at the Esperanto square in Gothenburg.

When Tonia was living the single life in Chicago she missed a place where she could meet people from all walks of life in a relaxing environment. She discussed the idea with her friend and the dream started to take shape. Tonia had always loved languages and international interaction, and she was fluent in five languages. The rest is history.

språkcafeet_skylt_litenToday the language café has new owners with the same vision, but with a slightly different approach and plans for the future. At the language café you can practice languages, and eat a light lunch or just enjoy the historic and beautiful architecture in the café. In the language evenings we have the drop in conversational training where you can experience a new language, or practice one of your old languages. The ambiance reminds you of the feeling you can only experience in a café abroad. The feeling when everyone around the table comes from different countries but join in because of their love of languages, the food, and meeting new people